Hands on with The Beamz Interactive Music System

by Mark R

So what is this man doing here? Would you believe that he is playing music?

I first heard about the Beamz Interactive Music System from the CES Show Directory, but I missed the chance to visit their booth. The company was kind enough to send one of their products my way, and I can honestly say that it is the only musical instrument that I will ever play.

Granted, it isn’t really an instrument, per se, but rather a device with sounds that the user activates by blocking laser paths. I can honestly say that I don’t have the patience for playing a musical instrument, and this is the first one I’ve seen that is easy to learn. It also has frickkin’ laser beams!

Set up requires three of the included CDs, and there is another tutorial disc. The CDs contain 30 original Beamz tracks that the user can play/improvise like a DJ, and I felt like the musical king after a few seconds of playtime on this.

The Beamz connects to your desktop or laptop with USB and takes of a lot of space. It reminds me of the helm of Galactus. To my kids, it is a toy, and one that was hard to pry them off of.

You should be able to get the Beamz Interactive Music System for $199.95 on the Beamz website. You can also get a more advanced version of The Beamz + Studio Software which is for $299.95.

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