Lonpos Pyramid and Rectangle Game

The more cerebral ones among you would probably find puzzle games to be a joy to attempt, be it wordplays like crosswords, or something that requires your motor skills such as the Rubik’s Cube, you are all a kindred spirit. Here is yet another puzzle game that is touted to build your brain power while keeping boredom at bay – the Lonpos Pyramid and Rectangle Game (personally, I would choose a Nintendo DS and the entire Ace Attorney series as it offers a whole lot more humor, but hey – to each his/her own).

If you want to dive into its 2D rectangle games, just locate the problem in the booklet which you would like to have a go at, place the game pieces on the board according to the illustration, followed by fitting the leftover pieces into the remaining spaces. 3D games require one to set up the pyramid according to the illustration in the booklet, followed by fitting the remaining pieces in order to complete the pyramid, placing you in the shoes of all those slaves thousands of years ago as they were involved in the backbreaking work of constructing a pyramid. Sounds like a snap, eh? Not eally, since there are 360,984 2D rectangles and 2,592 3D pyramids which can be completed, guaranteed to offer you plenty of sleepless nights.

The Lonpos Pyramid and Rectangle Game is going for $15.99 from ThinkGeek.

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  1. Another great article. It has me thinking of some of the older boards games and wonder if there is plans for them to be available through e-games. One in particular is Master Mind. This was and is a favorite family teaser that has entertained for near four generations.

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