Your T-Shirts Turned Into Laptop Sleeves

In the very back of most of our closets is a stash of t-shirts.  You never wear them, but some are probably high school or college t-shirts.  They’re reminders of all of the activities you used to enjoy, so you keep them.  Despite that they’re never worn, they’re still in there.  Well now you can do something useful with those t-shirts.  You’ll get to see them every day without wearing them.

Don’t worry, considering what all they do for you, it is a pretty affordable process.  First you just purchase a laptop sleeve in either 13”, 15” or 17”.  Then they’re even kind enough to send you a pre-paid envelope that you send your t-shirt of choice within.  Once they receive it they’ll sew a custom sleeve just for you.  It’ll only cost you $49.  Keep in mind though, big laptop sleeves will require larger t-shirts.

Source: Switched

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