Bigfoot captured by Fisher-Price, made into a toy

FP-Bigfoot-2Even though Bigfoot still alludes hunters in the Pacific Northwest, Fisher-Price has decided to merchandise him as a toy. I guess that the T-shirts weren’t enough. You’d probably have to live in the Pacific Northwest to get this joke.

In fact, the popular toy company is unveiling the Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster at the Toy Fair 2010 in New York. Granted, you may feel offended with Fisher Price’s calling Bigfoot a monster, and I’m sure that someone other than me will complain.

The Bigfoot is a remote controlled toy that has a remote, and it can do facial expressions, walk, and even do somersaults. It also has some touch points so the Bigfoot will, I don’t know, laugh when you touch his tummy, or something.

Yes, Bigfoot has been reduced to a Pillsbury Doughboy. Man, those that believe that Bigfoot is real might just hate this. However, until someone gets a non-blurry picture of Bigfoot, I suppose this is what we have to deal with.

You know, if Bigfoot was real, he might be ashamed at this cute representation of him. That, or maybe he’s going for a cute look, so that one day, he could reveal himself to the world.

If you want to get this Bigfoot, then you will have to wait until June, with a $100 price tag.


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  1. Fisher Price has worked hard to make this mythical creature a good toddler playmate. No scary screaming, no ripping limbs off – it just throws tantrums and ask to play. I like your theory of Bigfoot using the toy to prep the world before he reveals himself – kind of a “Childhoods End” gambit!

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