BudSock keeps your earbuds nice and untangled


This has to be one of the strangest solutions for tangled earbud cords.  If it works though, then I suppose it doesn’t really matter a whole lot.  This odd little sock promises to save you from the headache of attempting to get all of those knots out of the wires of your favorite earbuds.  All the while being completely weightless and not really adding any bulk to your pockets.

There is actually a satisfaction guarantee that comes with this little sock.  If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase you can send it back for a 110% refund.  They are even eco-friendly by using organic cotton and the snaps themselves contain no plastic.  It seems to be one of those products I’d have to try out before I was entirely sold on it being the perfect solution.  Luckily it’s cheap, so it wouldn’t be too bad to buy it purely to give it a try.  It’ll cost you $4.99 for a single pack, $19.99 for a 5-pack and $29.99 for a 10-pack.

Source: ChipChick