iPod-like Mini Spy Camera Camcorder

by Ally


This may look like yet another dorky iPod knock off that will never look as good as the original, but it has an extra angle.  This fake iPod doesn’t play any music, instead it spies on everyone around you.  Sure, it’s less than subtle when there’s a hole right in the center of what looks like it should be a screen, but if the people you’re spying on are complete morons you’ll be just fine.

This spy camera has a whole lot of ways to set it up and make it look even more dorky.  You can mount it on the wall with the included 360-degree stand or set it on the table using that same stand.  You can also get a few extra style points by wearing it around your neck.  It requires a Micro SD/SDHC memory card to store all of your video or images within.  It can capture film at 25 frames per second, has a color video resolution of 640 by 480 pixels and an image resolution of 1600 by 1200 pixels.  It also has built-in audio and a rechargeable Li-ion battery.  You can purchase it for $39 or get a 8GB card with it and pay $66 total.

Source: GeekAlerts

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Hidden Camera Says: March 30, 2010 at 5:07 pm

This is pretty cool, but I must agree…somewhat dorky. We’ve been testing sunglasses, car key clickers, pens and wrist watches with hidden cameras in them (they even include a built in DVR). You might consider these a little more high tech, just in case the people you’re spying on are not complete morons.

Spyyy Says: April 2, 2011 at 3:09 pm

Where can you purchase this from?

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