Buzz B Safely trims baby sized nails


Although this might seem like a silly gadget to parents that have perfected the art of parenthood, it might relieve some of the stress on new parents.  Instead of worrying about hurting your newborn baby, now you can have a small gadget to help you keep those nails trimmed.  Plus it will work clear from the infant stage to the point when they become squirming defiant toddlers.

The battery-operated nail trimmer doesn’t cut away the nails, but instead oscillates the nails away.  It has a total of 4 different pads to work with the device.  Two of them are intended for infants and then the other two are for toddlers.  It also comes in a compact case to help you keep all of the pieces together.  In order to keep it running it requires 1 AA battery.  You can purchase the kit for $25 from Zo-Li.

Source: Ubergizmo

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