Magic Click Floor Mop stands on its own

magic_mopSome of you might remember seeing those ads on television for the Miracle Mop. I don’t know how miraculous the Miracle Mop was, but this Magic Click Floop Mop could clearly take its miracle title.

Yes, what you are seeing is true, this mop knows how to stand by itself, without falling over. Apparently, it uses a magnetic floor mop carrier blade with a two-step foot switch in order to stand on its own one foot.

In addition to this ability, the Magic Click Floor Mop can be pivoted in all directions. Hard-to-reach corners are made easier to clean, and they are suitable for all standard mop pads. It also has a telescope pole that can be extended from 80 cm to 150 cm (2 1/2 to 4 3/4 feet).

I wondered why someone would invent a floor mop that could stand on its own. At first I thought someone just wanted to prove that it could be done, but then I thought about my own broom and mop closet. All my brooms and mops are leaning in a corner, and when the door of the closet is opened, they tend to fall out like that really awkward scene with Peter Parker at the opening of Spider-man 2.

If you’ve got the same problem in your place, then you should get the Magic Click Floor Mop for about $60 from the Pro-Idee site.