Wireless PC Remote with built-in motion sensor


The Wii very quickly became the gaming console of choice for a great deal of people that would never consider themselves to be gamers.  Along with the console came a whole lot of almost pointless accessories for people to buy.  Sure, there were on occasion a few useful items, but a lot of them were just to make a quick buck off of not so well informed newcomers to gaming.  This leans a little towards the pointless gadgets, but it could actually be justified.  Especially if you’ve started to enjoy the feel of the Wiimote.

It’s just an electronic device to work with your PC, bringing the Wii feel to your computer.  It’s pitched towards those that do PowerPoint presentations on a regular basis.  It works just like a normal mouse, but it also has some additional button controls, as well as motion activated page switching.  Although it is definitely a novelty device, it would be comfortable to use for presentations.  To pick one up you can find these on Chinavasion for $40.72.

Source: RGS