Inflatable Serving Bar

inflatable-serving-barChristmas is over, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be holding any more parties or large family gatherings in your home down the road! Why not make things easier with the Inflatable Serving Bar that introduces convenience to your guests, as it sits on top of a standard table with the ability to hold ice so that your salads and finger food will remain fresh hours after being exposed to the air. Storage is also a snap, since you can just deflate it and fold it somewhere even if you have limited space left at home. Made from PVC, you will need to purchase our own air pump unless you have the lungs of Hercules to inflate this through your mouth. Good thing it comes with its own repair kit, but we would still advise you to keep it out of reach of dogs, cats and mischevious kids. The Inflatable Serving Bar retails for $19.95.