Venturer HD action camcorder



Are you one who always loves living life on the edge? Why not record all your experiences in full High Definition with the Venturer HD action camcorder? This camcorder will capture your videos in 1080p glory, while being able to snap 8-megapixel photos at the same time without being larger than the average cellphone in terms of size. Boasting a swivel camera, you are better able to aim your shot while checking out a live preview on its LCD TFT display. If you prefer standard definition videos, it will do so in 60fps for unprecedented smoothness. All videos are stored in the universal MPEG-4 format for easy playback across a myriad of other devices. With an HDMI out port, you will be able to relive those hair-raising moments on your large screen HDTV with others. Heck, it is more affordable compared to other HD camcorders in the market, retailing for $118.58 although it might lack the brand power.

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