You-Vision Video Glasses


When you’re trying to capture those perfect moments, getting out a camera always seems to take two minutes too long.  By the time it’s out, the moment has passed and you don’t even have any proof that it ever happened.  Now you can wear a video camera on your head at all times.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to strap a conventional camera to your head.  Instead it’s a pair of glasses with the camera inside of them.

Just flip the switch on the top of the frames and it’ll start recording your day.  Although I wouldn’t suggest recording your full day.  When you start recording that much it becomes a bit of a narcissistic obsession.  Plus you’d have to unload the 2GB of memory every 5 hours.  This records both video and audio and will work with both a PC and a Mac.  You can purchase the glasses for $149 from Photojojo.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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  1. The You-Vision glasses record video. So that is why they are called video glasses. They actually don’t take still pictures if you read the actual link, so that is why it is better to call them video glasses rather than camera glasses.


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