LockFace: A USB facial recognition scanner that uses the webcam

by Mark R

Picture-21It’s amazing how much webcam technology has taken off, hasn’t it? I mean, if a webcam can recognize a certain code for an augmented reality program, then I don’t see why it cannot recognize a face.

This is what Futen, a Japanese company, has realized as well. Their Lockface program is a USB key that can be stuck into any USB port and then works better than a biometric scanner. Lockface as it uses your face to make sure you are the right user, rather than a fingerprint.

Lockface is designed to work right out of the box, without using any separate software. It starts by taking a number of pictures of the user, and then using this data to verify the user when he or she logs on again.

The tech isn’t foolproof, but 98% correct scan is good enough for me. This means that it will verify the wrong person 1.91% of the time, and often won’t recognize the right user 1.98% of the time. You could always use a passcode if you aren’t into the whole facial scan thing, though.

A 4GB version of LockFace is already out on the Japanese market for a price of about $110. There is no word on whether or not Futen will make it available everywhere, so you may have to purchase it from an importer if you don’t live in Japan.


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[…] LockFace: A USB facial recognition scanner that uses the webcam […]

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