CoolerBot takes pictures of the outdoors, from indoors

14dec9bouwbfThis next invention is designed for those who really like nature photography, but hate the outdoors. I suppose that you could just buy a bunch of coffee-table books, or you could use this DIY-er’s CoolerBot.

I’m not certain whether CoolerBot is its assigned name, but it uses a 48-quart Coleman cooler as a body with 14 inch wheels in front and then 10 inch wheels behind.

The CoolerBot uses two motors that are powered by 10 amp hour 12 volt SLA batteries. Just to let you know, the CoolerBot is very eco-friendly as it is recharged by two solar panels. Attach an infrared video camera along with a Nikon digital SLR, and you’ve got yourself a backyard National Geographic channel.

Granted, this CoolerBot is probably not going to see production, simply because no one would want to buy this thing that is made from a cooler. I mean, even Uncle Owen wouldn’t buy this from the Jawas. Unless it could carry cold drinks while it took secret photos of the Sandpeople. Maybe Luke Skywalker could have avoided being attacked.

However, I applaud the inventor Steve Norris for trying something new. It is probably better if he went outside to do his nature shots, but I think that there are some shots that the professional nature photographers could get that would be greatly aided by the CoolerBot.


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