Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

mobile-dvdNot many of us out there are fortunate enough to have enough money in order to have a cinema right smack in our sprawling mansion, although a decent home theater setup is quite common these days. How about moments when you need to keep yourself and your family entertained during an impromptu moment, but a portable DVD player just won’t quite cut the mustard due to the extremely small screen size? That’s where the Mobile Cinema DVD Projector comes in handy.

This idiot-proof LED projector features an integrated DVD player and built-in stereo speakers. Simply plug it in, bung in a disc and gawp in wonder as it beams a quality image (up to 50”) on the wall. Ideal for kids’ bedrooms, family get-togethers and movie night parties, the robust MCDVDP uses clever LED technology, so power consumption is low and lamp life is long. And because it’s portable you can move it between rooms with ease. You can even plug in a microphone for big screen karaoke sessions.

Don’t expect to view super high resolutions with this £159.99 purchase from Firebox though, as it isn’t meant to take the primary place of your home entertainment slot but instead is an alternative.