Optical Science And Art Kit teaches about optical illusions

by Ally


If you have a miniature geek at home, then you might want to get them a gift that expands their mind a bit.  This Optical Science And Art Kit is one way to keep them learning and keep them being the geek you know and love.  This kit applies to physics, psychology and art.  All around giving them a wide range of knowledge just from one little kit.  Plus it’ll keep them tinkering with something they should be, instead of anything of yours.

The kit is meant for kids ranging in age from 7-13 years old.  I’m sure that it’ll appeal to some kids above 13 though, say a 30-some year old kid.  Don’t worry, if you play with the kit with your kid it qualifies as quality time.  Not as time you’re avoiding work and playing with kids toys.  The kit has optical illusions involving shapes, color, depth and scale.  Then there are various things they can build including pinhole glasses and camera obscura.  You can purchase the kit for $34.95 through Think Geek.

Source: RGS

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