Zombie Outbreak Simulator lets you see how the undead invasion would play out

by Mark R

500x_screen_shot_2009-11-23_at_7.57.26_pmRemember the other day when I wished that I had the idea of combining paper with Lego with the MUJI Lego kit? Well, as it turns out, someone else has taken one of my ideas.

I remember a while ago that I had this idea for a video game with a setting that was as simple as taking Google maps. Of course, everything would have to be stationary, as computers could probably not process a game with too many moving variables. I figured that some sort of zombie outbreak would do the trick since the background would be still, still as the dead!

It would appear that my dream is reality with the RTS web game Zombie Outbreak Simulator. Okay, I can’t call it my dream anymore since someone up and made this. I suppose it is my fault, as I really should have done the work for something that could easily be a hit, or at least a good way of wasting time.

The moment you load up the Zombie Outbreak Simulator, you will see a view of the Washington DC area, and there are zombies roaming. From there, the user has options. He or she can change the number of zombies, speed, infection rate, civilians, armed citizens percentage, and much, much more.

So if you want to see the zombies win, you can program it for that. Or, if you want to see the humans win, then prepare for the ending of Shawn of the Dead. Check it out here if you want to see more. Just prepare yourself for cries of death! Seriously.

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