Portable Laptop Stand by AViiQ

Aviiq use itThis next device isn’t really technical, and I’m not even certain to classify it as a gadget. However, it certainly makes using laptop and netbook gadgets easier.

Yeah, this is another low-tech laptop stand, like the Cushdesk from Belkin. The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is very different than most laptop stands because it can conveniently fold up.

According to AViiQ, it is made of Hylite, a composite material of aluminum sheets bonded to a polypropylene core. This allows the material to fold like origami.

For example, you can remove the triangular fold there by pushing in the two tabs. From there, it becomes a flat sheet that has three creases. It can then be folded up into a sheet about 12.75 inches by 2.75 inches by a quarter-inch.

This folded up iron bar is very compact, and you should have no trouble fitting into your bag with your laptop bag. Yes, unlike most laptop stands, it can compact to something smaller than the laptop itself.

Now, you wouldn’t think that something made of sheet metal would be able to hold a laptop or netbook without it sliding off. However, those tabs that are poking through are lined with rubber, so they can keep a 17-inch laptop up there if needed.

You should be able to pre-order the AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand for about $79.95 from here.

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