Yurakoro Lucky Cats

yurakoroEnter any Japanese establishment and chances are you will be greeted by one of those cats with a waving hand, welcoming you in. How about merging it with some nested Russian dolls? You end up with the Yurakoro Lucky Cats instead.

A desktop craze in the making, these impossibly hip electronic moggies are based on the traditional ‘Maneki Neko’ – literally ‘Beckoning Cat’ – feline charms you see in oriental restaurants and businesses across the globe. The difference is Yurakoro (meaning ‘rock ‘n’ roll’) make random noises when you nudge them, pick them up or ‘pet’ them. Each roly-poly cat is preloaded with seven sounds, from adorable meows and cat bells, to shrine bells and traditional festival music. Put a Yurakoro in your palm and it will even speak to you (albeit in Japanese). Just like the ubiquitous Japanese figurines upon which they are based, each cute and colourful Yurakoro Lucky Cat is said to bring good fortune to its owner. In this case the two white cats are said to bring happiness while the black cat protects against bad luck (it says here).

Available in either black or white colors, the Yurakoro Lucky Cats will beckons for £7.95 a pop.

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