Planon DocuPen Xtreme X-Series line unveiled

planonPlanon is back, better than ever with their new DocuPen Xtreme X-Series line of scanning pens that will come in the form of the X05, X10 and X50, where any one of the three will bring portable scanning power to the next level of efficiency. Capable of supporting image resolutions of up to 600 dpi (up to 1,200 dpi for the X50), all three of them will be powered by a 200MHz internal processor, which is superior to previous scanning pen processors that will not go beyond the 60MHz mark. At 200MHz, this makes the DocuPen X-Series the fastest line of pocket-sized scanners on the market to date.

Apart from that, several new additions to the DocuPen X-Series line would be the introduction of 64MB SDRAM onboard memory for superior speed and functionality when working in tandem with the 200MHz processor. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity also allows all three of the DocuPen X-Series scanners to connect sans wires to smartphones, notebooks, netbooks and PCs for easy editing, storage and/or email attachment. Planon has also thrown in a brighter OLED screen display which makes it easier to navigate through the pens’ functions even for beginners, while boasting a Lithium-Polymer battery that is not only lighter but could potentially last longer compared to the Lithium-Ion scanner batteries used in its predecessors.

Rest assured you will get extremely accurate imaging with the use of Planon’s Crystal Line Contact technology, where the Xtreme X-Series scanning pens are able to exceed the performance of cameras and other portable scanners where professional reproductions of contracts, receipts, invoices and color pictures among others are concerned. Both the X-Series X05 and X10 models will be able to scan in monochrome and 24-bit color modes, while the X50 goes one up by having additional features including higher resolution and grey scale modes. All of them offer USB 2.0 connectvity for battery recharging and data transfer. Prices start from $369.99.

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