The Sanwa USB Hub with 12 ports

by Ally


Although most people are perfectly capable of getting by with a small hub, there are times when the world could use one of these mega hubs.  Likely there are very few that would need this for their at home computer, but it still could be a very useful device.  Especially since it’s done in such a way that could make cable management a little easier.

Any device that helps prevent tangled cords is always nice.  Since this has the plugs in a circular area, it’s possible you could keep those cords from becoming too intertwined.  Each of the ports are numbered, which could also make it easier for you to organize all of your USB devices that you use regularly.  The 400-HUB009 is on sale in Japan, it’ll cost you about $54 to get yourself one.

Source: GadgetReview

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[…] The Sanwa USB Hub with 12 ports […]

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