Foldable Kitchen Scale saves you on counter space


If having a kitchen scale hanging on the wall as a clock was a bit much for you, this foldable scale goes for a minimal approach.  It allows for you to keep that counter space that you love having, while still making it so that you don’t have to stash it in a deep dark corner of a cabinet.  Not only does it fold up, but it’s capable of making storage even easier by hanging on a towel or utensil rack.

Once it’s all folded up it’s not a whole lot bigger than one of your spice shakers.  It comes with a storage case, which is how you can hang the scale on a cupboard handle or any other rack you have handy in the kitchen.  It also has a digital clock and timer built into it, which makes having it out even more practical.  With this you could get rid of your kitchen timer if you didn’t want to take up any of your kitchen space.  You can purchase the Foldable Kitchen Scale for £ 33.95 or about $55 from Pro Idee.

Source: OhGizmo