Water-Powered Flashlight converts into lantern

by Ally


If you’re looking for a flashlight with renewable energy, you’ll have plenty of options out there.  Firstly there are several different sizes, but then you get to choose between solar, wind-up and shakeable.  Well now you get one more choice to pick from.  This flashlight is actually powered by water, which would make them highly convenient while you’re out camping.

Not only will this light work just like your average flashlight, but it also can be used as a regular lantern by just making some simple adjustments.  It’s probably not going to be as great as the oversized lanterns that many people use.  However, this would be better than nothing, especially if you were to put it within an emergency kit of some kind.  In order to work it, you just have to fill up the battery with water.  It’ll also run on beer, coke and even urine.  You can purchase the NoPoPo Water-Powered Flashlight for $54 from the Japan Trend Shop.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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techqc Says: October 27, 2009 at 8:36 pm

Truth in hype clause:
It is not ‘powered by water’. (nice try, but delusional)

It is powered by magnesium and aluminum,
which are not replaceable components.

A step in tright direction maybe,
but definitely not “powered by water”.

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