Kandle Heeter Candle Holder

candle-heaterCheck out the Kandle Heeter Candle Holder which will actually collect, retain, concentrate and radiate dry space heat from a candle, although there is a tiny catch to it all – one must use a jar candle or a new GlowWarm Electric Candle to get it going. Do take extra precaution not to place it anywhere near curtains, bedding or other flammable materials. Before we go any further, here’s a science lesson on how it works…

Heat is collected and concentrated in the steel and ceramic radiator. The Multi-Core Steel and Ceramic Radiator is suspended above a jar candle on a Three Legged Steel Stand so that the Solid Steel Inner Core is directly above the flame. The Radiator Assembly is secured to the Stand with Solid Brass Chains. The jar candle sits in two Interlocking Ceramic Saucers. Steel has the ability to approach the temperature of its heat source, so the Steel Inner Core is driven to Very High Temperatures (500-550 deg. Fahrenheit) by the burning candle flame (550-600 deg. F.) and becomes a very hot Internal Thermal Mass. The intense heat of the Steel Inner Core is transferred into the Three Ceramic Modulators, one into the other. The High Inner Temperatures are gradually reduced by the Increasingly Thicker Walls and Larger Surface Area of the modulators. The outer surface of the radiator becomes a Dry Heat Radiating Body with surface temperatures of 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit and a surface area of Over 88 Square Inches. The Heat from a Candle is effectively Transferred into your Home or Office! Amazing!

Guess with the cold winter season ready to be upon those of us who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, one might want to check out the viability of getting the Kandle Heeter Candle Holder for their homes. After all, every little bit in helping save electricity use helps cut down greenhouse emissions, which is always a good thing.