Concept toaster solves age-old problem

1222180Some of you might remember a scene from the film Kate and Leopold where Hugh Jackman is complaining that he has to plunge a General Electric toaster one and a half times to make toast. “Pushing the toast down twice produces charcoal, and pushing it once only produces warm bread.”

At this point, Meg Ryan responds: “You know what? No one gives a rat’s @$$ that you have to plunge the toast twice, because everybody has to plunge the toast twice!”

It’s an age old problem, isn’t it? We just can’t get our toast done right. However, this concept toaster uses two panes of glass to toast the bread, so you can see if it is done right.

Granted, it’s not something that you want to sit and watch all the time, but it is enough to glance at from time to time while you’re frying your eggs or something.

By the way, the designer of this product ran into a simple problem. Apparently, you can’t heat the glass enough to toast bread. Don’t ask me how that can be improved.

However, it is a definite toaster of the future, isn’t it? It feels like something Tom Cruise would have had in his apartment in Minority Report, if not for that dial. Maybe this thing could have a touchscreen when it finally gets out to the market.