Ekahau T301W wristband tag knows where you are


t301wEkahau might not be familiar to many people, but it boasts the title of being the leading provider of High Performance Wi-Fi-based Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) in the market. Currently, they have just expanded their hardware portfolio with a new device – the T301W, a wristband tag that was specially designed to be used in applications that determine the precise location of people. Being small in size, it fits onto your wrist comfortably, making it the ideal device for use in hospitals. After all, knowing the real-time location of an adult patient, child or a visitor in hospitals is a requirement for ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.

Apart from that, the wristband tag would also be at home when used in other places including amusement parks, cruise ships and other hospitality venues – basically anywhere where there is a potential for children or adults to be separated from their group. This got me thinking as well – it would be great for tour operators to slap their ‘party’ with one of these each just in case the more independent minded tourists chart out their own trail, especially in crowded places. Businesses can also keep track of visitors to make sure they remain off-limits to sensitive areas, hence preventing unwarranted snooping around.

The T301W tag will function similarly to Ekahau’s other tags, offering an unprecedented degree of location accuracy, movement tracking and workflow visibility. Accuracy can be measured down to a few feet regardless of being in a confined area or open space. Features include a programmable push button that will send a pre-determined message to the RTLS system when pressed, following by processes that result from a sophisticated set of business rules. Expect the T301W tags to be out sometime in the fourth quarter of the year, retailing for approximately $60.

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