Wild Planet’s 1-2-3 Stomp

123 StompJust a friendly reminder for Coolest Gadgets readers who have kids ages 3 and up: Christmas is less than three months away. You should also know that Wild Planet’s Stomp 1-2-3 might be a good gift to have under the tree.

1-2-3 Stomp is an amazingly simple game that includes a base plus numbers 1-10. These numbers look a lot like the magnetic ones found on a refrigerator door, but there is no magnet, and they are made for the 1-2-3 Stomp base. The game begins when the player stomps on the green button explicitly marked “Stomp”, and then the numbers go flying in ten different directions.

The base vocally says what number it wants on its base, and the player better find the right number and put it in its place. There is a musical tone that sounds once the number is put in place, and its on to the next number.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is. It only gets complicated in level four, where the player is required to do some addition and subtraction to find the right number.

This is definitely a kid’s game, or a game adults can play with their kids to keep them entertained. It’s very fun to watch my kids, who are ages three and six, frantically try and find the numbers needed.

For those who want to get this gift for that 3 and up child this Christmas might want to go over to the Wild Planet Online Shop and purchase the 1-2-3 Stomp for a sale price of $29.95. You also might want to purchase some 3 AA batteries for it, too.