Safe Slice can save little fingers

Safe slice prevents cut fingers.
Safe slice prevents cut fingers.

If your little ones are expressing an interest in cooking, you can always make them your “sous chef” and get them to cut up the veggies. I know, I know, what are you nuts? Give our kid a knife to cut carrots? Well, with the Safe Slice, they’ll be as safe as watching you cut em.

Safe slice is a rubberized like vise grip which holds veggies in place while you chop from the other side, thereby keeping your fingers safe from the knife’s edge. Soft finger grips allow the user to move the vegetable forward as you chop, while giving a comfortable hand hold. Made of plastic and rubber, Safe Slice dishwater safe, and compact enough to fit in any kitchen utility drawer.

I think this is a great gadget for getting kids interested not only in cooking, but also in vegetables. Studies show that when kids are involved in cooking their own food, they are more likely to try vegetables that they would otherwise resist. And with Safe Slice’s ability to prevent accidental cuts on tiny fingers, it’s an ideal tool for teaching them proper knife skills.

Just remember this though, more cuts happen from dull knives than sharp ones. So keep that knife sharp! Cost is about $7.00.

Hat Tip – Kitchen Contraptions

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