Candlestick Phone keeps things vintage

by Ally


This is one of those gadgets that just seems to have a slight identity crisis.  It is a phone, it works as a phone, but it looks like an old camera.  For those that have gotten quite used to not being tied down by a cord, I imagine this phone isn’t going to go over well.  Not only is it corded, you have to talk into the base itself, so you can’t go far.  However, if that sort of thing doesn’t phase you and you just enjoy all that is retro, this phone would look great.

It definitely has that vintage appeal, even if it does look like a confused vintage camera.  The phone displays the date and time, which is a fairly modern twist to throw in.  The phone itself measures 18.5 cm by 11 cm by 20.5 cm, which means the phone isn’t very big.  The phone only comes in the bright red shown here.  You can purchase it for $75, which seems like a fairly stiff price.  You can pick it up through Gadget Brando.

Source: Gizmodiva

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