Gioteck Stage Light


gioteckThe Gioteck Stage Light is totally different from disco lights of yore, doing away with the mirrorball image as well as white flared pants. This device takes a totally different route, catering to those who want something different in their home while they rock out to their favorite music-based video game or are just chilling to a rave tune of choice.

Specifically created to inject a bit of high-tech oomph into the whole lights-to-music genre, this powerful little projector uses superbright LEDs and sound-activation technology to beam colourful circles of light on to walls and ceilings. And unlike old-school contraptions it’s battery operated and supremely portable, so you can take it anywhere you fancy. Ideal for all you Guitar Hero/Rock Band obsessives, karaoke loons, Strictly fans and psychedelic inhabitants of the Planet Hendrix, the Gioteck features a glowing touch sensitive on/off button and fully adjustable flash sensitivity dial. This means you can crank up the response speed when you’re thrashing out the Ace of Spades and mellow things out when your chillin’ to I’m a Little Teapot.

Expect to fork out £19.95 for the Gioteck Stage Light.

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