Garage Bell reminds you of the good old days


For those of you that hate getting preoccupied with things at home, only to spin around and see your spouse has managed to get inside and stand right behind you without you noticing.  You might need something to announce their presence so that you don’t have a heart attack every single day.  Plus you’ll get to reminisce about the good old days when gas stations weren’t all self serve.

This garage bell comes with a 25 foot long air hose that allows for the bell to ring cheerfully.  All it takes is someone driving over the air hose and it’ll cause the bell to ring, announcing their presence to anyone near the garage.  The die-cast hose anchor comes in bright red, which is always a classic choice.  It could work at either your house or your place of business to let you know when someone drives up.  You can pick up the Garage Bell for $88 from AutoSport.

Source: GreenHead


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