Indiana Jones spruces up your working area

indy-deskAre you a big fan of Indiana Jones? Well, why not spruce up your work area with a plethora of Indiana Jones stuff which will surely make your cubicle the hang out place of choice for Indy fans. They’ll come in various forms, ranging from the The Holy Grail Paperclip Holder to the Fertility Idol Pen/Pencil Holder and the Ark of the Covenant Business Card Holder.

The Holy Grail Paperclip Holder
A sacred item guarded through the centuries by the most holy of knights. In addition to the possibility that it grants everlasting life, it has a second secret attribute – it makes a freakin’ sweet paperclip holder! With a magnet built into its base the Holy Grail stores paperclips better than any old coffee mug.

Fertility Idol Pen/Pencil Holder
This was almost impossible for ThinkGeek to acquire. Our monkeys had to brave bottomless pits, giant spiders, poison darts, and a giant boulder to retrieve this item from the depths of the jungle. It is unknown what the Idol’s intended purpose was, but it is the perfect size to hold all your pens and pencils.

Ark of the Covenant Business Card Holder
We at ThinkGeek believe that we are pretty awesome, and we think you are just as awesome for shopping with us. We also know the perils that come with being as awesome as we all are. Namely, when people’s faces melt just from handling our business cards. Don’t you just hate that? It makes such a huge mess! Luckily, the Ark of the Covenant is JUST the thing to solve that problem. It neatly stores your business cards and prevents them from melting the faces off of people that just aren’t as cool as you.

Thanks to ThinkGeek, the Indiana Jones desk accessories you see here will retail anywhere from $34.99 to $39.99, depending on they holder you pick.