Carpet Radio uses you as the tuner and antenna


I’m officially ranking this as the most interesting and obnoxious concept designs I’ve seen lately.  The little piece of carpet is hooked up to a radio.  It then uses the person standing on the carpet to find a station and uses that person as the antenna as well.  You can even check out a video demonstrating someone using it.  So this isn’t just something someone drew up in photo shop,  It’s actually something that they got up and running.

Despite that it is up and running, it’s not something that’s being sold.  I doubt I’ll ever see it being sold.  Especially since the second you have two or more people standing on the rug, it’s going to probably confuse the tuner a bit.  However, were it to ever become real, it’d be fun to put in front of your front door.  The second an uninvited guest walks in, you’ll know about it.  It’s a very strange and backwards way to have a security system in your home, but it could work.

Source: Ubergizmo