The eco-friendly 5.11 Tactical Flashlight

by Ally


This is the flashlight to have around if you’re heavily paranoid about running out of juice and being left in the dark.  It does things a bit different than your average flashlight, it doesn’t even contain batteries.  It’ll make sure that you always have a bright light to see your way and does it in an eco-friendly manner.  Sadly there is one serious downfall with this flashlight, it comes at a high price.  Then again, all devices featuring new and cutting edge technology do seem to be that way.

This flashlight uses an energy management system that’s called Flashpoint Power Technology.  It uses environmentally friendly ultracapacitors.  Those ultracapacitors work together with a revolutionary form of computer circuitry to manage how the energy is put into the flashlight.  Those ultracpaictors also manage to unload energy without a chemical reaction like batteries would.  The bulbs never need replaced and the flashlight only takes 90 seconds to recharge.  For such a simple gadget it uses much more sophisticated technology than one is used to seeing in a flashlight.  Which is probably why this flashlight is priced at $169.

Source: Greenhead

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