Toilet paper roll plays horrifying sounds

by Mark R

haunted-toilet-paper-thumb-351x236-24083Some of you might remember when I reported on that Japanese horror novel that was written on toilet paper. It would appear that some company has come up with the perfect audio track for reading that novel with toilet paper roll holder that can play zombie sounds.

Yes, I don’t know why they made it either, except for some cheap Halloween gag. Can’t get enough of those.

Still, you got to admit that would be a Punk’d episode to talk about. Perhaps Ashton could rig up these zombie sounds for George A. Romero the next time he sits on the toilet.

I’m not certain what type of zombie noises that this makes, but I imagine that there is a lot of moaning involved. I would think that zombies work more as a sight gag rather than sound.

While I’m on the subject of zombies, I will have to say that I don’t really see the point of zombie films. I mean, there are armies of undead coming at you at slow speeds, and you can’t simply outrun them? You can then take out a few from a safe distance, and by the time you have gone half a mile, the whole army of undead will be down to nothing.

Still, I like the idea of toilet paper rolls that makes sounds. Maybe they should make one with an microSD slot.


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