Earphone MP3 Speaker

by Ally


If you have a thing for your Apple earbuds, now you can have a speaker that looks just like them.  That way you can always show your support for all things Apple, even if you are buying a non-Apple gadget to do that.  With this you can play your music out loud for friends or even for just you.  You can also broadcast your music in public places, which is always charming.

Of course that’s not saying that everyone purchasing this product would be one of those people that plays their music for all to hear during a 4 hour train ride.  Some of you might be the courteous types that try to keep your music to yourselves.  This speaker is 3 inches long and has a keyring attached to the cap.  To use it, just pop off the end holding the keyring and plug it into your MP3 player.  You can purchase the MP3 Earphone Speaker for $10.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed.

Source: RGS

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