Gorilla Torch gives you an extra hand

by James
Gorilla Torch gives you an extra hand for dark, tight spaces.

Gorilla Torch gives you an extra hand for dark, tight spaces.

It’s always frustrating when working in tight spaces to try and hold a flashlight while you’re turning a screw. Inevitably, what’s generally easy to do without a flashlight, is darn near impossible when you have to also hold a torch to light your workspace. Enter Gorilla Torch.

Made by Joby, the geniuses behind the Gorilla Pod, a Digital Camera holder that can mount a camera anywhere, the Gorilla Torch is the same kind of idea: a tripod with adjustable segments that enables the user to literally wrap it around anything to hold it in place. It’s LED based light is superbright and also has a built in dimmer switch to adjust to the users liking. It’s weatherproof and operates on thee AA batteries with an average battery life of 20-80 hours depending on how bright you like it.

So, whether you’re working on the pipes underneath the sink or replacing that timing chain in your car, wherever you need light, all you need to do is turn on Gorilla Torch and wrap it around anything nearby adjust the light to shine your way and you’re good to go for hands free lighting. There’s also another feature that can help while working in tight spaces. The footpads of the Gorilla Torch are magnetic, meaning that any nuts or bolts can be within easy reach just by sticking them on the pads.
Cost is around $30, which is a bargain if you’ve ever dealt with juggling tools, lights, and tight spaces!

Hat Tip – Chip Chick

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