Escort releases Redline radar detector

escort-redlineWhat’s the point of having a high revving sports car if you can’t push it to the limit on ordinary roads? Of course, most supercars can also be driven slowly to cruise past busy spots so that majority of working class folks would look on in envy, but paying off a speeding ticket (or tickets, depending on your luck) just because you wanted to let ‘er rip down that straightaway is a bummer. Escort hopes their Redline radar detector ought to prevent that from happening to you ever again since it features dual antennas that make the range a whole lot longer compared to other radar detectors. So long, in fact, that Escort proudly claims for it to recognize radar and laser signatures from as far as 13 miles away. No idea on how much truth is there, but the $499.95 investment you make here could save you thousands in speeding tickets sometime down the road.

Source: Slippery Brick