Bleep Labs Robo Audio Synths


Always wanted to make a drama involving the future, coupled with robots and yet do not want to ripoff the bunch of robotic sounds that we’ve all come to know and love from space operas like Star Wars and Star Trek? Well, there is hope for those who want something original – the Bleep Labs Robo Audio Synths from ThinkGeek. Whenever you feel like composing your own robotic masterpiece, you can always take advantage of the Bleep Labs Robo Audio Synths’ Thingamagoop. Thinga-what?

The Thingamagoop is an awesome, little, light-controlled, analog synthesizer. Much like Raymond Scott’s Circle Machine (and if you don’t know who Raymond Scott is, shame on you), the Thingamagoop uses its LEDacle (an LED-tipped tentacle) to flash light (at different speeds) into its photocell. The photocell talks to the main oscillator and (with a little more technical stuff that we just won’t get into here), you get bilps and bleeps of pure electronic wonderment. And hey, if you’re more the Maker, get a Thingamakit instead and build your own! You’ll be rewarded with the knowledge that you built it yourself, as well as an extra LEDacle, wave form, and photocell (for even more sound control, variation, etc.). What are you waiting for? You might be the next great composer of Droid Opera! But you’ll need a Thingamagoop or Thingamakit to know for sure.

Depending on your Thingamagoop of choice, it will cost you anywhere from $69.99 to $119.99. Sounds like you’ll have a fair bit of fun with this before you grow tired of it, where you can then hand it down to some kid who’ll probably find much more fun with this than you.