Fruity Speakers take inspiration from nature


Here’s a speaker that would probably appeal to anyone that’s grown tired of the average look that many speakers feature.  It’s designed to take an almost organic form, which honestly is hard to see.  However, no matter what the inspiration of the product, it at the very least ended up looking very cool.  When hung on the wall, it would draw about as much attention as an intriguing painting would.

The speaker system is made up of 6 different speakers and two touchscreens.  It’s compatible with the usual forms of media, including MP3 players and CD players.  The designer shows it off in not only the very chic white, but in a very bright attention getting pink.  The design was created by Yue Li, who is from France.  As of now, it’s still a design, but would make for a fun product to have around, if it ever reached the production stage of things.

Source: CribCandy

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  1. Actually, it’s quite easy to see the organic design, it’s called like that because of the curves, not the nature.

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