Numark offers STEREO|iO analog-to-USB DJ interface box


Numark is back yet again with their latest device – the STEREO|iO analog-to-USB DJ interface box with cable, targeting budding DJs as well as enthusiasts in the DJing scene.

STEREO|iO is an interface box with a USB cable. One end has female RCA phono plugs for use with virtually any audio equipment from DJ mixers to turntables, and the other end has a USB connector. DJs can connect any line or phono-level gear to their Mac or PC via USB for recording, mixing or processing. DJs can also use STEREO|iO as an output cable from their computer to inputs on an analog mixer, enabling them to mix MP3s and other music from their computer in their traditional DJ mixer.

The STEREO|iO is touted to be a low-cost problem-solving tool which could prove to be invaluable for DJs and musicians who are holding gigs or are based in the studio whenever there is a need for a connection. Since it runs on USB connectivity, it plays nice with both Mac and Windows machines without the need for software-driver installation or external power for operation.

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