Live-Lite fitness aid


Perception Digital Limited has recently announced its latest device, the Live-Lite fitness aid which was specially designed to help walkers and joggers of all fitness levels make every step count. Sounds serious, doesn’t it? Well, if you are really serious in keeping fit, then the Live-Lite looks set to be an essential device for any fitness buff. According to Jeff Chui, Executive Director at Perception Digital, “Medical experts agree that everyone benefits from brisk walking. This means walking between three and four miles per hour, or between 7,000 and 10,000 steps per day. But most people get bored with exercise. They need feedback and a way to measure their success. With Live-Lite, they can keep track of their progress, listen to music while they walk and know the exact amount of fat and calories that they’re burning. This is an important step to staying motivated, losing weight and meeting fitness goals.”

The Live-Lite is tiny enough to be clipped onto a sleeve, where it will get to work by measuring steps for walkers and joggers, helping monitor one’s heart rate by one-touch sensing and plays superior-quality of music. In addition, it is also capable of providing the user with the ability to calculate calories burned based on steps. Specially developed to monitor one’s heart rate immediately before and after exercise, the Live-Lite will accurately count the number of jogging and walking steps, helping one keep track of the exercise times with stop-watch functions while calculating the distance traveled and calories burned, ensuring valuable feedback for folks who want to meet their fitness goals.

Features of the Live-Lite include :-

  • 3-D motion analyzer, which distinguishes between running and walking and automatically calculates calories burned.
  • Heart rate monitor delivering personalized heart rate zone for maximum benefits.
  • Voice prompt, which provides instant exercise feedback and session status information, allowing user to adjust pace based on distance, steps, time duration and heart rate, as well as remaining distance to target.
  • Armband, waistband or collar clip mode.
  • Built-in MP3 player with superior sound quality, supporting music library and EQ functions.
  • HeartPal, a software download that analyzes exercise data and count steps on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Facebook interface to share fitness accomplishments with friends.

Product Page via Press Release