The USB powered light bulb is the first of its kind


Seeing a USB powered light is nothing new, you could easily find one in pretty much any shape or size.  What’s odd about this one is that it uses an actual light bulb.  It actually claims to be the world’s first USB powered light that utilizes a light bulb.  Typically a USB light has an LED light, which works just as well.  However, if you’re tired of everything being LED, this would be a refreshing change.

The overall appearance of the light is pretty minimal and it definitely puts on display that it’s using a real light bulb.  It’s on a cable that allows you to bend and shape exactly how you want the light to sit.  Unfortunately it is a Japan product from the company JTT.  Which means it will be hard to get your hands on if you’re outside of Japan.  Which if you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you aren’t in Japan.  Within Japan the light is priced at 1280 Yen, which converts into about $15.

Source: Newlaunches