GameBone Pro charges your iPhone while you play

by Ally


I couldn’t really tell you why someone decided to create a controller shaped like a dog bone.  You would hope that they can tell how ridiculous it looks, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t.  At least one thing’s for sure, it’ll stand out in your mind.  Even if it only stands out due to a rather unfortunate shape.  Despite being quite ugly, this controller does have some serious perks to it that might have people willing to overlook its appearance.

This very doggish controller will actually charge up your iPhone while you play.  You can to connect it to the 30-pin connection, which as of now would require you to prop up the phone in order to see the screen.  They are working on a stand though to make it easier to view it, so this is still something that is in the works.  You could also play via a Bluetooth connection, but if you go that route it won’t be able to actually charge your iPhone.  Right now they are merely taking suggestions on a price, so you can go to their website and give your input.  They’re hoping to see this released in September.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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