Maitre Mirror from Stocco with integrated touchscreen


Although this incredibly hi-tech mirror looks more like a concept than something that is actually being sold, it is a real product.  These cool mirrors integrate a touch screen directly into the mirror.  That of course means you’re likely going to have the urge to clean it extremely often, since it’s going to accumulate fingerprints like crazy.  However, it’d be well worth the extra effort you would have to put in to keep it looking great.

The touchscreen console has a built-in radio, clock, MP3 player and even a barometer to finish it off.  The clock would be especially great when you’re in a rush and need to keep track of the time.  It is mounted on an aluminum frame that is flush with the mirror itself.  To plug your MP3 player into it, you’ll just need to access just below the screen on the underside of the mirror itself.  The mirror can currently be purchased in sizes ranging from 90cm on up to 2 meters.  How much it costs you will depend on your specifications, but it’s unlikely that it will be cheap.  You can read more on it on the Stocco website.

Source: TechFresh

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