Kingston rolls out HyperX Fan

kingston-fanKingston does not only offer memory products for your computers, notebooks and mobile devices, they also include accessories to keep those said products running at optimal level by being cool. Cool as in the temperature, and not according to what society deems as “in” at this moment in time. Their latest offering? The HyperX Fan that was specially designed to keep Kingston HyperX memory running cool.

The HyperX Fan is made of anodized aluminum and in the same familiar blue color as the HyperX heatspreaders. When turned on, the fan blades are illuminated by eight small blue LEDs. Power use is minimal and noise is not an issue as the fan runs at a whisper-quiet 25 dBA*. The fan is available as a standalone or bundled with Kingston’s 6GB 2000- and 1800MHz triple-channel memory kits with the T1 heatspreaders for Intel Core i7 systems.

Each purchase of the HyperX fan will come with a one-year warranty and free round the clock technical support. It will cost you $23 a pop, but you can get it in a bundle of memory included as well.

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