Bomo Baby Carriage

baby-carriageAs a parent of a toddler, I am always looking for the latest and greatest baby products. The Bomo Robot Baby Carriage might be one that I probably wouldn’t buy, even if I could afford it.

The point of this product is to put the little baby in, and then program it to automatically follow the parental figure around the house. It can apparently “see” obstacles and navigate around them, provided they don’t move independently, like pets or older siblings.

Of course, if you want to give the baby the wheel, that is an option. Manual mode allows the tyke to hit the accelerator and use a fully functioning steering wheel. You might want to make certain the safety gate is on the stairs first.

After the baby has taken his or her joyride, its unique horizontal swing motion will help put him or her down for a nap.

I can’t help but think that a device like this is preparing a child for a world like WALL-E, where humans just sit around on their hovering chairs with their Internet all day. I suppose that if you have a child who is a real Cling-on, then this could come in handy.

I briefly mentioned the high price earlier, but never gave you the actual number: $780. All I got to say to that is this: Bomo Arigato, Mr. Roboto! Yeah, Styx would not be proud.


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  1. ok, maybe not useful able bodied kids, but those with severe disabilities who want to follow their parents around, in a comfy chair, not a wheelchair, who could maybe learn independent mobility albeit in a chair, who might no be taught ‘learned immobility’ because they have to prove they can drive a powerchair before they are allowed to practice in one. I don’t mind it for these reasons. And compared to a basic manual wheelchair of around $4K, it’s cheap.

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