Rescue Reel: Saving Lives One Dangler at a Time

rescue-reel_h4sum_54When I first saw this guy using the Rescue Reel, I couldn’t help but think that he was some sort of Daredevil. That, or the photographer used that same effect from the old Batman show where they turn the camera on the side and Adam West and Burt Ward climb up the building without straining their arms and legs.

The Rescue Reel is designed for the user to hook the Rescue Reel in a secure place, put on the harness, and they lower themselves down with automatically controlled centrifugal braking. I would imagine that the experience would be like repelling down a mountain cliff, except it probably won’t be fun if you ever really had to use it.

Still, designer Kevin Stone is clearly on the right track when it comes saving lives from tall buildings. Something tells me that it was designed to combat the horrific images that we still have from the Trade Center Tower attacks. Unless someone designs the next 100 story building with massive fire escapes, history will repeat itself when disaster befalls a skyscraper again.

Of course, this is one device that had better have plenty of line, and designed to hold some overweight people. Also, do you really want to be in an emergency situation where you have to learn how to use it in the next few seconds, or else you will die?

I am guessing that OSHA would be all over these devices if they ever become reality. I would also imagine that Rescue Reels would be located on the walls under red-framed glass, like firehoses or axes.

Yeah, I can see a definite future for the Rescue Reel, and it can give others a future.


5 thoughts on “Rescue Reel: Saving Lives One Dangler at a Time”

  1. Interestingly,
    i have found a similar device in the window frame of my 150 year old home. it looks like it was put there over 100 years ago. It works with centerfugal braking but i do not trust the old rope line.

  2. Mark R.

    If you’re going to write articles, you should at least be able to spell. The act of doing a controlled descent down a rope is called rapelling.

    Other than that, good article.

  3. Per your: “Mark R.

    If you’re going to write articles, you should at least be able to spell. The act of doing a controlled descent down a rope is called rapelling.

    Other than that, good article.” ….
    Rapelling, as you ASSumed was spelt correctly by you is indeed INCORRECT!!! The proper spelling is Rappelling… with 2 “p”’s… SO Mike, Mark.. whatever, if you are going to take the precious wasted time to “correct” and bash someone’s spelling you may want to make sure YOU are correct first. That’s the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. Correcting someone’s spelling and correcting it incorrectly. HA!!!! Who’s the idiot now! Hilarious!!!!

    why is there always an attack on discussion forums? huh? I mean, do you comprehend the story? Gain some info from it? I mean, unless your Webster himself dedicating your life to the spelling of words why the HELLLLLL (sp?) do you waste a moment of your life dishing out the insult.. maybe it doesn’t damn matter if you spell rappelling or roppelling or reppelling, I mean the message is the message and the message is there….
    Every time I come across one of these blog spots and see the occasional insult or bash at someone’s spelling I get annoyed and wonder how much of your life (and those like yours) is wasted on nit-picking. (except when your correcting incorrectly, that’s comical)
    But seriously!!!! Save it brother! No one gives a monkey ball hair that you can spot an error. Is it egocentrism from a grade school incident? It’s lame, let it go. You look like a complete jerk. A dumb one at that… cuz again,… your “correction” is wrong! I really can’t get over how funny that is and how ridiculous it makes you look.
    Now, I have wasted enough of my day explaining this to you,as you may not even get the chance to read this enlightenment I am directing at you. But today, rather then turning my head and rolling my eyes at you, I’m in the telling mood and I’m telling you, you’re an ass. 🙂

  4. Gee Lisa… a couple of sentences to throw him down a peg or two would have suffice. Are you on your period or something, or do just feel the need to waste your own time writing useless essays about spelling and grammar?
    Go get laid – you might relax a little.
    PS: In regards to your question about “attacking”, it’s nice to see you lifted your own game by not doing the same… Dumbass

  5. Lisa,
    You didn’t JUST tell him that he’s an ass, you VIRTUALLY ripped him a new one! Right-on-the-money
    -Girl! That’s good to see every once in awhile. Any
    time you feel like doing it, PLEASE! Be our guest!!!!

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