MSI releases X-Slim notebooks

When the Apple MacBook Air was first released and unveiled to the world, everyone was astounded as to how thin and slim the entire piece of computing was. Even until today, you won’t find any other notebook coming close to the Apple MacBook Air, never mind the fact that it isn’t exactly powerful to be on par with the rest of the other MacBook Pros in Apple’s stable. Well, other notebook manufacturers did not waste the opportunity of seeing how the Air wowed first time viewers when it was unveiled, and MSI is among one of them to leverage on the lean theme with a couple of X-Slim notebooks. MSI will make available a couple of models to the masses in due time – the 14″ X-Slim X400 and the 15″ X-Slim X600, where both of them will be released sometime in Q2 this year. Both the X-Slim X600 and X400 are record breakers in their respective categories, having taken top spot in lightness and thinness categories. This comes across as no surprise, thanks to the use of a super slim Li-poly battery in the 14″ X-Slim X400, making the entire notebook weigh no more than 1.5kg. As for the 15″ X-Slim X600, it is slightly heavier (obviously) with a similar battery, tipping the scales at a mere 2.1kg. Both of them are also less than an inch thick (or should we say, thin?), coming with 16:9 theater-class LED displays, full I/O ports, and Blu-Ray support. The beefier X600 is more entertainment oriented as it is also accompanied by a discrete graphic card to maximize visual performance. There is no word on pricing for either machine,. but we do know that the X-Slim X400 will come with an optional 8 cell Long-endurance battery, while those who settle for the X600 can always opt for the slightly longer lasting 9 cell long-endurance battery. Both models have kept up with the times by adopting external ODD drivers that will further keep the X-Slim series notebooks slim and trendy. Press Release]]>

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