The pizza box goes green

According to recent studies, Pizza is a $30 billion dollar industry. That’s a heck of a lot of cardboard boxes in our landfills. But a Pizza box company has come up with a very simple pizza box design which recycles and reuses the box the pizza comes in with a simple tear along the serrated lines. Bet you didn’t think a simple square box could be redesigned, did you?

Dubbed the Green Box, the topbreaks down into 4 serving plates, while the bottom of the box folds into a convenient storage container to keep leftover pizza warm, or for storing into the refrigerator for later.

Cool video here

This is a fantastic idea which shows what one an do just by asking the question, what can do I to this to make it better for Mother Earth? No real raise in price or quality control, just a few serrated lines and folds in the right spot and you have a multi-tasking box that not only cuts down on paper plates in our landfills, but becomes even more efficient in keeping the heat in for what’s leftover.

Just don’t forget to recycle it when you’re done.

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2 thoughts on “The pizza box goes green”

  1. I remember that you used to be able to fold the bottom of a Domino’s Pizza box to store leftovers, same as in the photo above. I’ve always wondered why they went away from that. Good to see someone bringing it back. And with plates, even!

  2. I really do not see the environmental benefit in this ‘gadget’. The only environmental benefit is that the box is made from recyclable cardboard and is itself recyclable. The action that we need to take is to make sure that this is the case for all pizza takeaway services (all carboard boxes to be recycled and recycable)
    The other ‘features’ are merely gimmicks. Surely no one serves their pizza on paper plates! What’s wrong with your standard ceramic ones and surely if you were to store some pizza for later, you would pop it in the fridge on a ceramic plate or some sort of box which you had reused from another product.
    As stated beforem, we just need to make sure all pizza boxes are made from recyclable cardboard and are able to be recycled. Although this does itself represent a problem as cardboard should only be recycled clean i.e. not contaminated with food stains.
    Should probably just cut down on ordering pizzas really!

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